Staff Room Chats and Ceremony of Closure

On Wednesday June 17, 2020 at noon, you are invited to a non-recorded debriefing on all that we’ve experienced this spring. It will be as casual as your staff room, and as inviting as your best friend’s patio. All stories are welcome. All emotions are welcome. The link to join this session is

The debriefing will be followed by your virtual participation in a pre-recorded Ceremony of Closure. The intention of the Ceremony of Closure is to close this unusual school year simply and meaningfully. The Ceremony is hosted from the Shannon Sharp Learning Circle at Salmon Arm West. You can participate virtually after the above debriefing or at a later date that is convenient for you.  The recorded closing ceremony will be made available to all SD83 staff and those who wish can watch it virtually on their own, in small groups, or as a staff at a time that would work for them. A link to the pre-recorded Ceremony of Closure will be sent out on or after June 17th.

Like closing the school doors in June, our hope is to bring closure to this extraordinary year in a meaningful way.

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