Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

People spend about 90% of their time indoors. Many people spend their entire working day inside an office, shop, factory, or other facility.

In some environments, poor air quality has been blamed for physical symptoms and complaints such as headaches, eye irritation, and coughs. These physical symptoms and complaints can affect people’s health, comfort, job satisfaction, and work performance.

In recent years, people have become more aware of potential health and comfort problems that may be associated with poor indoor air quality. This is partly due to the move to more tightly sealed buildings, the implementation of energy conservation programs, and the growing use of laser printers, photocopiers, and other sources of indoor air contamination. A greater general awareness of environmental issues my also play a part.

Today, people expect healthy, comfortable, productive indoor environments. Workers are likely to complain when they feel the indoor air quality in their building is unsatisfactory. As well, people have varying sensitivities. Some people will react to certain substances (such as pet hair or fragrances) that do not cause a problem for others.

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